Scent Therapy provides the highest quality products originating from sustainable sources and harvested using socially responsible practices.

At Scent Therapy, we combine the ease of online shopping with the personalised service of a fine beauty boutique. Our team of scent curators are dedicated to working with you to create the perfect relaxing gift. 


Scents That Transport You Through Time and Place

We know the power of scents and its ability to transport you through time and place. We decided to launch to partner with fragrance designers to develop our own brand of scented candles. The first candles were hand-poured in private kitchens in 2017. We now have contract with manufacturing factories to produce a high quality product.

Our culture is focused on you - the customer.

That is why the first team we hired and trained was our customer happiness team. They are fanatics when it comes to making sure are happy and satisfied with your order.

Next comes our product selection team. These guys are on the cutting edge of product research. They will go to the end of world to find to the best products, and we get them manufactured in the most ethical way possible. We don't compromise on quality either


How are we able to get you such great deals, you may ask?

We cut out the middle-man, with most retail shops. The product starts at the manufacturer, then it’s handed over to a distributor who takes a cut. Then it is put on the retailer’s shelves who also takes a cut. 

We work directly with manufacturers to bring you these products. That’s where your advantage comes in. Sounds good, eh?

Shop with us and you will not regret it! 




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